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a smile!

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Boost your sales!

Your flower stand filled with fresh quality tulips in the right colour, at the right time and for a reasonable price? From discount to high service store, we aim to hit the mark with every delivery and help boost your sales!

Strengthen your flower range

Every single day, we give it our all. Not only to guarantee a consistently high quality of tulips and tulip bulbs, but also to deliver our products at a favourable price. Our focus is clear: to strengthen your flower range and respond effectively to the wishes of your customers. Anywhere, anytime.

It’s all about the best bulbs

The key to a successful tulip nursery is simple: it all starts with the bulb. We’re not just saying that because we supply tulip bulbs to nurseries all over the world. With decades of experience in our own nursery, we have come to know a lot about the challenges and opportunities of both our great product itself and the market. It’s exactly this knowledge we keep building on.

Generations of tulip love

Be warned, our love for the tulip is contagious. It has been the driving force behind our family business for generations and it is why we push ourselves today to further improve our products. And that never tires. From 0.2 to 240 hectares, from greenhouse heaters to state-of-the-art cultivation techniques, from local bulb booth to customers all over the world: it’s amazing, what seventy-five years of tulip love can do!

Our proud family members:

Flower Family

Grown with passion, Dutch sun and a big smile!

This is where it all started for us in 1975...

... and the Horizon Flower Family home base in 2019!

Horizon New Zealand is our latest family member. We started our own facility there in 2013.

A typically Dutch landscape... in New Zealand. Don't you just love it?

With every tulip we grow, we grow a smile. That, in turn, makes us very happy!

One happy Horizon Flower Family!

Come October, we start planting our tulip bulbs.

Tulip fields in bloom: a stunning sight! Time for us to head the tulips and allow the bulbs to grow.

As soon as the tulips have died back and the bulb is 'ripe', we start harvesting.

After a period of preparation, in which the bulbs develop in controlled climate conditions, we plant them in our nursery.

It's wintertime: stretching tulips fill our greenhouse!

Are you in for a smile?

At Horizon Flower Family, we go above and beyond to deliver top quality and exceed expectations. We are dedicated to growing, improving and globally promoting the love of our lives: the tulip! We do what makes us smile, with attention to all aspects from bulb to vase. Would you like to know more? We gladly welcome you to contact us. We are only too happy to sit down with you and not just talk about, but also show you all that we can do for you.

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